Okayama Momotaro-koi farm
110-1, Mitsu-kunigahara, Okayama-shi, Okayama-ken

Introducing for facility of Momotaro-koi farm. Showing it by Video!!

Bred with special quality parent for producing special grade koi from over 12million fries.

Selling our own product which using it to our special koi.

about us.

Please take a look when you visit us by yourself.

Please read it before shopping by internet.

Please contact to our Agent and dealers in your country.

Last Up Date 9 Jan 2024

Momotaro Live auction on 30th and 31st January 2024

Next Momotaro auction will be Live auction at Momotaro-koi farm

Auction start
on 30th Jan from 12:00 Tosai and Nisai
on 31st Jan from 9:00 Nisai

This will be last Live Auction in this season so we will make best auction with high class tosai Tategoi class and best Nisai from mudpond in this season.
There are many super high potential Tosai and Nisai for future and for Young koi show 2024.

We will have many Tosai and Nisai which not update photo on website.

Please contact your Agents to bid it.
Please contact to Shinkokai members to bid these koi.

We will update some of the auction koi here soon
(but not all koi will be update here)

Click here for details.

Auction Koi Please click on the link.

Momotaro koi auction

Thank you for your supporting all the time.
Now we are in breeding season and we are doing very well in this season.
Now we decided the date for our auction from Oct to Dec in 2023


*on 19th and 20th of Oct Live Auction at Momotaro koi farm
*on 30th of Oct to 1st of Nov Online auction
*on 14th and 15th of Nov Live Auction at Momotaro koi farm
*on 27th to 29th Nov Online auction
*on 13th to 15th of Dec Online auction
This is our schedule of auction date from Oct to Dec in 2023. If any changes we will infrom you again.

Thank you very much for your attention and look forward to many of you join us and support us again in next season.

Momotaro Koi Farm won the Grand Champion of the 39th All Japan Young Koi Show 2023.



Award :Grand Champion /63bu Kohaku
Name :Mr.Vicha Poolvaraluk (Thailand)
Handling Dealer :Narita Koi Farm・KOIKICHI FISH FARM
Breeder :Momotaro Koi Farm

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