Okayama Momotaro-koi farm
110-1, Mitsu-kunigahara, Okayama-shi, Okayama-ken

Introducing for facility of Momotaro-koi farm. Showing it by Video!!

Bred with special quality parent for producing special grade koi from over 12million fries.

Selling our own product which using it to our special koi.

about us.

Please take a look when you visit us by yourself.

Please read it before shopping by internet.

Please contact to our Agent and dealers in your country.

Last Up Date 14 Jan 2022

Momotaro online auction will held on 18th to 20th January!!
Bidding start
from 9:00a.m. on 18th

Bidding close
from 19:00 on 19th for No,1 to No,110
from 19:00 on 20th for No,111 to No,221

Auction koi
High class tosai 5p in one group to 50p in one group
High class Nisai female starting price 1million yen, 500,000yen, 100,000yen

We will update photo and video around 14th.
This Auction is only for the dealers who is member of Shinkokai to join to the auction so please contact to the dealers to bid them.

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Auction Koi Please click on the link.

Momotaro Koi Farm won the Grand Champion of the 8th All International Junior Koi Show 2021.


8th All International Junior Koi Show 2021

Award :Grand Champion / 36bu Kohaku
Name :Mr. Pan Zhi Cheng (China)
Handling Dealer :Odakan ・ Sanshin Trading
Breeder :Momotaro Koi Farm

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Momotaro Koi Farm won the Grand Champion of the 37th All Japan Young Koi Show 2021.



Award :Grand Champion /63bu Kohaku(Male)
Name :Mr.Takashi Toyama (Japan)
Handling Dealer :Narita Koi Farm
Breeder :Momotaro Koi Farm

Received many other awards.

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Momotaro Koi Farm Spring 2021 Net Auction
We will start our 6th auction of the Spring 2021 season on Saturday March 27th.
It will be 2days for close bidding.

Close bidding time
29th No.1〜No.65   from 21:00
30th No.66〜No.130 from 21:00

This Auction will be only Tosai. Many high Class tosai will be there.

tosai unknown sex
Jumbo tosai female as of 10th March(not guaratee female)
Jumbo tosai male for koi show

Some will be one by one and some will be group auction.

Auction koi will not be exhibited.
Please check the homepage again soon for pictures and videos of the auction koi.
This auction is only for koi professionals. Hobbiests who want to purchase koi should seek out a Momotaro Koi dealer.

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