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17th Nov 2009
2009 ZNA ALL Japan Koi Show

On November 14th and 15th of 2009 , the Zen Nippon Airinkai (ZNA) hosted its annual All Japan Koi Show in Izumo City, Shimane Prefecture. 3 Momotaro Koi Farm bred Koi were nominated for Grand Champion with the eventual winner being a 107 cm Sanke named

gRyujinh, owned by Mr. Takigawa. The runner up champion and over 85cm class champion were also Momotaro bred Sankes owned by Mr.Takigawa.
In addition, Momotaro Koi Farm supplied the top 3 koi in the over 85 cm division, as well as many other Izumo-awards, given to special non-gosanke variety koi.

We would like to congratulate all the winners and especially Mr.Takigawa for his notable achievement.
Mr.Nobuo Takigawa (Shimane Japan)

award Grand Champion
winners Mr.Nobuo Takigawa (Shimane Japan)
koi Momotaro Sanke 107cm (Ryugin)

award Mature Champion (1st runner up)
winners Mr.Nobuo Takigawa
koi Momotaro Sanke 94cm

award Best in size over 85bu (2nd runner up)
winners Mr.Nobuo Takigawa
koi Momotaro Sanke 101cm

award Best in size 80bu
winners Mr.Nobuo Takigawa
koi Momotaro Sanke 80cm

award Best in Varity of Showa (1st prize of over 85bu Showa)
winners Mr.Dato Yeo How (Malaysia)
Handling dealer Kepong koi (Malaysia)
koi Momotaro Showa 89cm

award Izumo Prize 70bu (best in size without Gosanke)
winners Mr.Frankie Ong (Singapore)
Handling dealer : Max Koi Farm (Singapore)
koi Momotaro Ginrin Kohaku 66cm

award Izumo Prize 65bu (Best in size without Gosanke)
winners Mr.Masao Shinoda (Tokyo Japan)
koi Momotaro Ginrin Sanke 65cm

award Izumo Prize 60bu (Best in size without Gosanke)
winners Mr.Didi Wikara(Indonesia)
Handling dealer : Koi Castle(Indonesia)
koi Momotarou Tancho Sanke 57cm

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