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8 Feb 2013
44th All Japan Koi Show Results from
Momotaro Koi Farm

At the All Japan Koi Show held in Tokyo on 2013 February 2-3,
a Momotaro Showa won Jumbo Champion award.

Award Jumbo Champion
Owner Joseph Wong (Hong Kong)
90 Bu Showa Sanshoku
Handling Company Friendship koi Farm
(Hong Kong)

Award Kokugyo
Owner Hendrawan Sudarpo (Indonesia) 50 Bu Kohaku
Handling Company Narita Koi Farm(Japan)

Award Best in Variety Gin Rin A
Owner Frankie Ong (Singapore)
90 Bu GinRin Kohaku
Handling Company Max Koi Farm(Singapore)

*This Sanke won second place in its class at this show but has the potential to become a great koi in the near future.
Award Second Place in Size Class
Owner Mr. Togo Kanayama (Japan)
90 Bu Taisho Sanke

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