Okayama Momotaro-koi farm
110-1, Mitsu-kunigahara, Okayama-shi, Okayama-ken

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Bred with special quality parent for producing special grade koi from over 12million fries.

Selling our own product which using it to our special koi.

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9 JUNE 2015
We have started our first round of harvest for tosai culling.

This year, our first season of breeding yielded 5,370,000 fry.
From now on we will be culling everyday!

We usually pull the seine net 2 times for each pond.
We check the koifs condition as we raise the net.
This yearfs babies are growing at a good rate.
We remove the koi from the mudpond into a truck, then bring them to 10 ton concrete ponds indoors where they wait a day or 2 for culling.
After harvesting the tosai, we drain the water, we use a tractor to turn the mud, then we let the mud dry in the sun.

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