Okayama Momotaro-koi farm
110-1, Mitsu-kunigahara, Okayama-shi, Okayama-ken

Introducing for facility of Momotaro-koi farm. Showing it by Video!!

Bred with special quality parent for producing special grade koi from over 12million fries.

Selling our own product which using it to our special koi.

about us.

Please take a look when you visit us by yourself.

Please read it before shopping by internet.

Please contact to our Agent and dealers in your country.

7 AUG 2019
5th International Junior Koi Show

May 22-23 , 2017 5th International Junior Koi Show.

Award Gold/33Bu Hiutsuri
Name Mr Robert Velez(Philippines)
Handling Dealer Thaisuwan Fish Farm(Philippines)

Award Best in Variety/36 Bu Showa
Name Denzel henson usman(Indonesia)
Handling Dealer Narita Koi Farm(Indonesia)

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